Genetics and selection of varieties

The choice of variety is one of the most important choices made in production. It is often a complicated choice that is based on the supplier of the variety’s recommendations as well as the experiences of yourself and others. The variety must suit the company’s growing conditions and the seasonal variations and must also be able to live up to the requirements of the sales chain.

Due to restrictions in legislation, the breeding of cannabis varieties has been aimed at growing in small, enclosed spaces and not in modern greenhouses, which is why the currently existing varieties are not optimally adapted to this form of growing.

Nordic Supreme’s main priority when it comes to breeding is this new and interesting greenhouse market, and Nordic Supreme works purposefully to develop varieties that perfectly suit the growing conditions and live up to the requirements for the products produced by the professional, legal growing industry.

There is great potential for improvements in production results through choosing the right variety, combined with the right advice. Nordic Supreme’s mission is to develop the best varieties and combine them with the best advice.


Cannabis varieties can be divided into types that are propagated as cuttings (clone varieties) and types that are propagated as seeds (seed varieties). The cutting-propagated varieties require more labour during the start-up of the culture and in the maintenance of the mother plants but give very uniform plants. Seed varieties require less work, but are often not quite as uniform as the cuttings.

The varieties can also be divided into types that flower at a day length of less than 12 hours (photosensitive) and varieties that flower regardless of day length (auto flower). Photosensitive varieties can be propagated both as cuttings and as seeds, while auto-flowering varieties are only propagated via seeds.

Nordic Supreme breeds all these types, as they all offer interesting possibilities. Contact Nordic Supreme for advice on varieties and suitable varieties for your production!

Cannabis genetics

Cannabis is divided into many types, depending on the effect. We breed all the important types in order to improve growing properties and the medicinal and recreational effects. We are very happy to assist with advice on choosing the right varieties.

Hamp genetics

We work intensively to maximise the content of CBD and minimise the content of THC in our hemp breeding while also optimising the yield of dried flower. Our breeding is aimed at both greenhouse and outdoor growing of hemp.

Assortment overview, clone varieties

THC varieties

THC varieties are divided into Sativa dominant, Indica dominant and Exotics. Sativa dominant typically has an energising effect, while Indica dominant has a calming effect. Exotics typically stand out due to their extraordinarily good sensory properties.

Sativa dominant






Indica dominant




Exotic Hybrids



Balanced 1:1

Balanced 2:1

Balanced 1:2

Hemp 1:0


Nordic Supremes descriptions, illustrations, growing advices and any other information in whatever form for example on sowing, planting, and harvesting dates are based as precisely as possible on experiences in trials and in practice. However, Nordic Supremes does not accept in any case liability for damages resulting from the use of such descriptions, illustrations, growing advices and information. The buyer/user itself is responsible to determine whether the products and growing advices are suitable to be used for the intended cultivations and under the local conditions.


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