Meet our team of experts

We are a strong, multidisciplinary expert and research team with extensive competencies in both the breeding and growing of cannabis. We work closely with international consultants and leading global producers of cannabis and are based in Denmark. Our main focus is on developing top-performing varieties for professional growing of cannabis and hemp.

What gets us up in the morning is the desire to develop proven and stable premium varieties and to collect solid, data-based growing information so that our advisory services are as good and accurate as possible for the individual producer.

Background for Nordic Supreme

When, as the first European country, Denmark legalised the growing of medical cannabis, we identified a need to develop modern and professional varieties that are optimally adapted to the growing conditions under which they are grown. Therefore, we have established a high-class breeding station based on the latest scientific theories and best breeding practice. Our cannabis growing licence allows us to develop and validate varieties in collaboration with our strong, multidisciplinary team, which has extensive competences in both breeding and growing cannabis.

We are steeped in a long tradition of growing cannabis, tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses and therefore have detailed knowledge of producers’ need for top varieties and precise advice. Our ambition is to combine the development of the best cannabis varieties with the best and most accurate advisory services.

We see a big gap in the market in relation to the breeding of legal genetics. At present, there are almost no legal breeders in Europe, but the need is great. We can develop new varieties that have superior characteristics to existing ones, and that is super exciting! Scandinavian Cannabis is a company that was more or less born global, and we already have contacts in the USA, South America and Jordan.”

Mads Ulrik Pedersen Founder of Nordic Supreme

The team

Hans Henrik Kampmann
Hans Henrik Kampmann CEO and Head of Breeding
Ulrich Hansen
Ulrich Hansen Assistant Breeder
Peter Pedersen Birkemose
Peter Pedersen Birkemose Head Grower
Lars Sommer
Lars Sommer Laboratory Manager
Caroline Nychel
Caroline Nychel CRM
Mads Ulrik Pedersen
Mads Ulrik Pedersen Founder


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