Professional inspiration for cannabis genetics

Nordic Supreme is a 100% legal and top professional cannabis breeding company which offers custom solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Nordic Supreme’s team is ready to advise you, and you are welcome to call, write or come and visit us in our state-of-the-art facility in Denmark.

Legal cannabis experts

Nordic Supreme is an authorised and legal breeder of cannabis based in Denmark. Our main focus is on developing top-performing varieties for professional growing of cannabis and hemp.

We develop proven and stable premium varieties and collect solid, data-based growing information so that our advice is as good and accurate as possible.

Why Nordic Supreme?

The Nordic Supreme team has a solid, broad and legal background in greenhouse and cannabis growing. Therefore, we understand the need to develop serious partnerships with manufacturers. This is done to ensure optimal, technical advice in which the manufacturer’s needs are met in terms of breeding and advice.

Are you getting the advice you need?

Buying cannabis genetics is a true jungle. Unfortunately, customers often find that the varieties they buy are not so uniform, not always as resistant as promised, vary in terms of potency, and even fail to be delivered as promised.
Therefore, the uniformity and resistance and content of cannabinoids and terpenes in our varieties is thoroughly tested by our research team.


Nordic Supreme uses classic, modern, plant and DNA-based breeding techniques in its development work. We have a state-of-the-art breeding station near Odense in Denmark, access to world-class DNA-based methods, and work closely with leading cannabis producers on testing our varieties.

Meet our team of experts

We are a strong, multidisciplinary expert and research team with extensive competencies in both the breeding, tissue culture and growing of cannabis. We work closely with international consultants and leading global producers of cannabis and are based in Denmark.

Meet our team of experts
Ulrich Hansen
Ulrich Hansen Assistant Breeder
Lars Sommer
Lars Sommer Laboratory Manager
Mads Ulrik Pedersen
Mads Ulrik Pedersen Founder

Genetics and selection of varieties

The choice of variety is one of the most important choices made in production. It is often a complicated choice that is based on the supplier of the variety’s recommendations as well as the experiences of yourself and others.


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